4th March 2019

February 2019

Late 2018, I decided I wanted to start releasing podcasts. Early August, I decided 'Pride' would be my first topic, as it's a topic close to my heart. For those of you who don't know, I came out as bi-sexual in January 2015 and it was a tough time, even though I received a lot of support. I started to record some answers from people for the project, including Daniel J. McLaughlin,  Wilderness Hymnal , and Matthew ( Kiss Me Again ), but unfortunately I was very run down at the time and is was a project I couldn't complete. This is definitely something I want to revisit at a later date

In December, when I knew my time at Reform Radio would be coming to an end, I decided I wanted my first podcast series would be based around Manchester Creatives. With help from dbjones. I made a list of ten creatives, all from different fields, and made a plan. Only starting my recording on the 18th January at Hope Studios with Charlotte (Creative Wilderness), the series was completely released by February 25th.

Recording, editing and releasing in such a tight turn around was really tough on top of a full time job, and I've learnt from this and will change my process for my second series (coming soon...), but I wouldn't change anything about my first podcast experience.

Now I am full time freelance, I am hoping to not only to continue with my own podcast series, but to record and edit podcasts for clients too.


I want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved who made Creative Conversations possible. Thank you to Reform Radio for lending me the equipment, thank you to Joshua BrooksTandem Coffee House, Hope StudiosPrestwich Conservative Club for the recording spaces.

Thank you of course to my guests, P.WE (Kinky Fruit), Paul Jardine Web DesignNorthern Voice CollectiveCreative WildernessDJ Paulette, Sarah GreenDR MYSTERYDOEIORA & dbjones.

You can find the entire series again here.