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In-House Projects are podcast series produced by our lead creative Lucy.

Lucy hopes to use the Monkey Ears Media platform to shine a light on various other artists, creatives and business owners who are doing fantastic work.

If you'd like to be part of one of our in-house projects, please get in touch:

Calling all women in business:

Are you a running your own business? Our lead creative Lucy would love to hear from a range of women across different fields of work for an ongoing podcast series 'Behind The Business'.

If you'd like to get involved or if you're reading this and wish to nominate somebody, please get in touch:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Before setting up Monkey Ears Media, our founder Lucy recorded a podcast series in which she interviewed 10 Manchester Creatives. 'Creative Conversations' can be found below.


Late 2018, Lucy knew she was going to be leaving her full time job, so she started putting plans in to motion of what she would move on to. After working in a close-knit community radio station for two years, Lucy knew just how much talent there is in Manchester, therefore bloomed the idea of interviewing ten Manchester creatives.

With help from dbjones., Lucy recorded all ten creatives within thirty days, releasing three episodes per week in February 2019.

This fast paced project allowed Lucy to meet creatives outside of her own field, but build friendships and support networks in the process.

Read Lucy's behind the scenes blog post here.