Rebrand: Behind the Scenes

Find out more about Lucy's decision to rebrand from Lucy Butler Digital to Monkey Ears Media.

That's Lucy over there, formerly Lucy Butler Digital, now Owner & Lead Creative of Monkey Ears Media. Some of her friends think her official title should be 'Top Banana'.

Why the name Monkey Ears Media?

During the rebrand Lucy used various brainstorming tactics to try and come up with the ideal name. Spider diagrams, lists, name generators, the lot.

* Knowing what you definitely don't want will help, Lucy knew she didn't want 'audio' in the name as she didn't want to be restricted in the future, and that the name shouldn't be too long or hard to spell. A lot of people aren't sure what they want, but know what they don't.

* What's important to you? Do you want the business to have a connection to you as the owner, without using your name? Or do you want to use a word with no connection? There are so many options. Write down what is important to you and why, and then you could use synonyms or words relating to the ones you've chosen.

* Is the name available? Is your ideal name already registered on Companies House? What about the domain and social medias? There's a lot of factors to check before you 100% decide on a name. You should have a gut feeling about which name is the one.

So why the name Monkey Ears Media? Two reasons actually:

1. Lucy loves animals, and monkeys are her favourite non-domestic animal. Ears relate to media consumption, particularly audio. Lastly, Media doesn't restrict the company as it expands in the future.

2. When she was younger, Lucy used to be teased about her ears. Despite them being quite small, they do stick out a fair way from her head, similar to a monkeys ears.

Why rebrand from an existing company?

In hindsight (what a wonderful thing), Lucy Butler Digital was a rushed jump in to a freelance career. LBD was designed as an apprenticeship portfolio and was never intended to be any more than this. However, in late 2018, when Lucy knew she was going to be leaving her full time media job, and decided to become freelance rather than working for another company.

Lucy's heart was never fully in Lucy Butler Digital even after a full branding change, and she no longer wanted to push a brand that she didn't believe in. Lucy has a love for audio, and wanted this to shine through her business brand when she meets new people.

The importance of being ready, mentally and financially:

Lucy knew deep down she wasn't ready to mentally make the jump. If you ask any freelancer, the first few months are always the hardest, and finances can be a sensitive subject within this. Lucy's advice to anybody who's thinking of becoming self-employed from a job, is to save as much money as you can to sink in to the business. Things need to be paid for before you can even launch (depending on your business and what you need): a domain, website, branding, logos, business cards, and loads more. Things can be done for cheap or by yourself for free, but having money especially for your new business will go a long way and will reduce stress. Being able to invest in your business with things that are a little more expensive is a feeling that every new business deserves to feel. These are the things Lucy wished she knew and planned for while still in full time employment.

Work life balance:

A new business takes up a lot of time, and I mean a lot. You're thinking about it 24/7, ideas will pop in to your head when you're in the shower or half asleep. The first few months of a business are stressful and busy for any freelancer, and some sacrifices may have to be made. Being freelance and setting your own hours is ideal if you're an early bird or a night owl, but try and set limited hours for yourself. Build your business around your existing hobbies and passions where possible. Know you're busy from 5pm on Tuesdays? Great, your hours will be shorter that day, and possibly longer another. Know you want to run in races on Sundays? Great, you don't work Sundays. Know your business will do better over the weekend? Take some weekdays for yourself. Planning your year will be important, when will downtime most likely happen for your business? Take your holidays then, or use that time for important things such as catching up on admin. Remember to take time for you, you are the face of your business and looking after yourself is the most important thing. Don't let you, or your mental and physical health get run down.

Knowing when you're ready to launch:

Lucy knew she wanted to relaunch in January 2020, new year new beginnings and all that jazz, but only came up with the name Monkey Ears Media in very late October 2019. There's so much to do, logo design, new website, domains, emails, social media accounts, figuring out what your new company will offer, and so much more. Yes, all this is easily done in two months, but I would advise writing everything down and making an action plan. Lucy was so keen to get everything done once she had the name, most important is securing your domain as you can't set up your email or update accounts without it. But after that, making a list is so important, ticking things off when you're done will give a sense of accomplishment. Write down things to do as you go along as we can guarantee there will be small things you will forget. When you think you're done, double check everything. When you're ready: launch.